Monday, June 4, 2007

Welcome to Dezel’s Corner

Hello Friends,

Dezel’s Corner kicks off another journey into, like the title suggests, anything that crosses my palate. Some people may know me from my Virginia Vine Spot blog, which continues to be a fun and enjoyable exploration. However, while out and about, on and off the Virginia wine trail, I always come across something that is not wine related and well worth sharing with others. This blog was created to journey down that road of other things that fit my fancy. I hope you all enjoy the efforts of me, my basic camera and a sentence or two. Jump aboard for the journey, and as always - Happy Sipping!
What a Beauty

BTW, how do you like the photo of the beautiful flower I took yesterday? Oddly enough, these beauties were sprouting up in a not so beautiful area. Well, these lovelies sure did do their job in sprucing up the place.



Anali said...

That is a gorgeous flower! This is a nice idea for a new blog! And thanks for the link! ; )

lacochran said...

What lovely images you are capturing! You are a good photographer. And I am honored to be on the friends list. :)

Dezel said...

Thanks Anali and Lacochran for the kind words and comments. Please visit again - anytime :)