Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Beat the heat with Gelato!

Hello Friends,

I know that I could beat the heat with something less caloric and fattening like WATER or even a diet coke, right? Better yet, how about some of those country wines and fruit forward light white wines I talk about on my wine site.

Every week when I go visit the friendly geese and walk around the beautiful Fair Lakes area I always visit the gelato booth at Whole Foods to indulge in this tasty Italian ice cream treat.

I love taking pictures of pretty & tasty things!

Never thought I would divorce both Ben & Jerry, but this Gelato is rock star quality ice cream and I love it. Since my metabolism is not what it was when I was a greedy teen, I limit myself to two visits a week to the gelato booth at most.

If you have not tried gelato yet give it a try; and if you find yourself divorcing Ben & Jerry or Baskin & Robbins do not blame Dezel. It is smooth, flavorful, creamy, silky, heavenly – its gelato! Try some and enjoy. Yummy!

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Happy Sipping Friends !


Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Another trip to visit the pals ...

Hello Friends,
Dezel recently visited the Fair Lakes area again to visit the pals referenced in the previous entry, and to bask in the beautiful scenery that borders the lake, such as the pretty flowers copied below.

Beautifully in Bloom

Equaling the beauty of seasonal bloom is the lake where my pals spend much of their free time of late cooling off from the warm onset of summer. Of course, they are also awaiting bread toting visitors to drop a few crumbs for them – hence their friendliness.

My Pals are getting big pretty darn fast!

Since the last visit, it appears that the parents have loosened the leash on the two remaining young. The past two times I have visited, only one parent has been watching over the young, while the other parent was off to the side hanging with the rest of the gang.

Until next time ....

In closing, it was good to see my pals again and to get a little exercise, as I strolled around the lake. And exercise was needed, as I enjoyed one of the many flavors of Italian gelato ice cream, from that Mega Whole Foods (ice cream shop) store with the state of the art tasting room I featured on my wine blog. More to come on Whole Foods tasting room friends; there is only one like it in the states that I am aware of and you will not believe all that is packed under the roof there. Can you say Yummy!

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Happy Sipping Friends !


Friday, June 8, 2007

Fair Lakes: Meet some of my pals

Hello Friends,

Of late, we've been making frequent trips out to the Fair Lakes area, not only to enjoy that mega Whole Foods store and their state of the art wine tasting room, but to visit the lake and my pals who call it home.

Relaxing Lake

The Fair Lakes area is a one of Virginia’s premier areas that combines fine living, shopping centers and restaurants, with more slowly paced relaxing attractions such as this lake I stroll around sometimes.

Friendly pair heading towards the camera

The geese here are very friendly and like this happening pair, they are not at all shy. Why, just after I snapped this picture they were up close and personal patting me down for snacks. Despite there being a sign saying do not feed these guys; there are people who cannot resist, so these guys are always expecting treats from their human visitors.

Happy Family

For the past month I have been tracking the progress of the above family of geese on a regular basis. What dedicated parents they are, and the little babies are just adorable. Every time I have seen them, there has always been one parent in the front and another in the rear to protect the curious young babies. Whether on land walking or in the lake paddling, there is always one in front, three in the middle, and one in the rear. Sadly, yesterday when I visited the family there was only two young ones and as always, both parents were on patrol. Dezel is left to wonder what happened to the 3rd little guy.

Well more on Fair Lakes later – Hope you enjoy some of the images.


Monday, June 4, 2007

Welcome to Dezel’s Corner

Hello Friends,

Dezel’s Corner kicks off another journey into, like the title suggests, anything that crosses my palate. Some people may know me from my Virginia Vine Spot blog, which continues to be a fun and enjoyable exploration. However, while out and about, on and off the Virginia wine trail, I always come across something that is not wine related and well worth sharing with others. This blog was created to journey down that road of other things that fit my fancy. I hope you all enjoy the efforts of me, my basic camera and a sentence or two. Jump aboard for the journey, and as always - Happy Sipping!
What a Beauty

BTW, how do you like the photo of the beautiful flower I took yesterday? Oddly enough, these beauties were sprouting up in a not so beautiful area. Well, these lovelies sure did do their job in sprucing up the place.