Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Beat the heat with Gelato!

Hello Friends,

I know that I could beat the heat with something less caloric and fattening like WATER or even a diet coke, right? Better yet, how about some of those country wines and fruit forward light white wines I talk about on my wine site.

Every week when I go visit the friendly geese and walk around the beautiful Fair Lakes area I always visit the gelato booth at Whole Foods to indulge in this tasty Italian ice cream treat.

I love taking pictures of pretty & tasty things!

Never thought I would divorce both Ben & Jerry, but this Gelato is rock star quality ice cream and I love it. Since my metabolism is not what it was when I was a greedy teen, I limit myself to two visits a week to the gelato booth at most.

If you have not tried gelato yet give it a try; and if you find yourself divorcing Ben & Jerry or Baskin & Robbins do not blame Dezel. It is smooth, flavorful, creamy, silky, heavenly – its gelato! Try some and enjoy. Yummy!

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Happy Sipping Friends !


1 comment:

Anali said...

Oh I'm a big gelato fan! I have to buy some in the North End before the summer is out, but Trader Joe's has some nice ones too! I also may try coming up with a recipe of my own.